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The Artist's Visual Toolbox

Aaron Seckman, Instructor

Students will be presented with a theoretic framework for the act of drawing/painting from life composed of a toolbox of representational concepts that may be studied separately and/or in combination. Falling within three main areas of study (design, color and modeling), students will study and apply essential perceptual drawing concepts, methods of analyzing value and color relationships and a strategy for color modeling of large and small forms using a full color palette (20+ colors). Students may choose which concept tools to study each week and will be encouraged to work through the concepts at their own pace. One-on-one tutoring will supplement lectures/demonstrations. Subject matter will generally be still life selected by the student. Work may be done in oil paint or the drawing medium of the students' choosing.

Goals of students will include:

  • Replacing the idea of "copying nature" with a logical analysis and synthesis of the elements of visual reality
  • Being students that understand the difference between academic study and art
  • Acquiring the habit of being aware of the intentions we desire each mark to embody
  • Gaining insight into our individual priorities as students and artists
  • Embracing the joy of knowing the visible world more intimately

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